Workshop 2: Hypothesis and Variables

This workshop is structured to deepen your understanding and skills in setting up and conducting experiments that critically assess technological prototypes. The learning goals for this week are:

Understand Hypotheses Formulation: Learn to differentiate between null (H₀) and alternative (H₁) hypotheses and the significance of each in experimental research. You will be equipped to formulate clear, testable hypotheses that are grounded in their research questions, enabling a structured approach to investigation.

Identify and Define Variables: Gain the ability to categorize variables into independent, dependent, and control. Understanding the roles these variables play in research will help you design experiments that accurately measure the impact of changes in the independent variable(s) on the dependent variable(s), while control variables remain constant to ensure the validity of your results.

Design Effective Experiments: Acquire knowledge on various experimental designs, including A/B testing, and within, between, and mixed designs. This goal aims to prepare you to choose the most appropriate design for their research objectives, considering the strengths and limitations of each method to control for confounding variables and biases.

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