Week 4: Working with Humans

  1. Which of the following best represents ethical considerations regarding the care and handling of participants in experimental research?
    1. Providing false information to participants to maintain the integrity of the experiment.
    2. Ensuring participants are fully informed about the nature and purpose of the study before participation.
    3. Withholding information about potential risks to participants to avoid biasing their responses.
    4. Ignoring participant preferences and comfort to maintain experimental control.
  2. Which of the following is not a valid section of a consent form?
    1. Participant’s Rights
    2. Institution and Researcher Information
    3. Detailed Experiment Protocol
    4. Purpose of Experiment
  3. Which of the following is not a critical consideration when working with children in experimental research?
    1. Obtaining informed consent from both the legal guardians (parents) and children.
    2. Providing appropriate instructions to parents to avoid bias and interference.
    3. Adapting the experiment duration to suit the children’s age group.
    4. Compensating children financially after the completion of the experiment.
  4. What is a key consideration when conducting experimental research involving participants with disabilities?
    1. Ensuring accessibility and accommodations to facilitate participation.
    2. Excluding participants with disabilities to maintain the integrity of the study results.
    3. Providing impaired participants with alternative forms of compensation, such as gift cards.
    4. Ensuring informed consent is obtained only from legal guardians or caretakers due to the participants’ impairments.
  5. Blurring faces of study participants in pictures while publishing them corresponds to:
    1. Anonymization Only
    2. Pseudonymization Only
    3. Randomization Only
    4. Both Anonymization and Pseudonymization
  6. When designing the informed consent forms for your participants, please describe in detail the rights of participants.
  7. Please illustrate through bullet points, the considerations you will make when using proxy users to evaluate a smart walking stick for blind people. Also comment whether the use of proxy users would impact the validity of your study and in what ways.

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