Week 1: Introduction to Design Analytics

  1. Read the following research question carefully and describe in your analysis whether it is a good research question or not. Please use the “Research Question Quality Control” criteria as a framework for your analysis.
    • Can robots improve the quality of life of elderly citizens?
  2. Which type of reasoning starts with an observation or set of observations and proceeds to propose the most likely explanation, often used in forming hypotheses in science?
    1. Inductive reasoning
    2. Deductive reasoning
    3. Abductive reasoning
    4. Counterfactual reasoning
  3. In the context of scientific research, which of the following statements best describes the key difference between a scientific theory and a scientific law?
    1. A theory is an explanation supported by extensive evidence and experimentation, while a law is a universally accepted principle based on observation.
    2. A theory is a broad explanation that integrates many hypotheses and observations, while a law is a precise statement that describes a fundamental principle of nature.
    3. A theory is a provisional explanation that may change as new evidence is discovered, while a law is a definitive statement that remains constant regardless of new findings.
    4. A theory is a hypothesis that has been extensively tested and verified, while a law is a principle that is still under investigation and subject to change.

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